The Calvary Wolfeboro Campus is located at            43 Mill Street in Wolfeboro NH   

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Since the beginning of our time at 43 Mill Street, we have come together at least twice a year to focus on the maintenance and upkeep of our beautiful property. The Fall Fixitup is one of those times. This fall we've set aside Saturday, the 29th for that purpose. By moving Saturday evening worship to a joint service on Sunday we will maximize what we can accomplish. Sign up today and let's see what we can get done this year! 


How incredible it is to realize that we, as a church, have been worshipping in Wolfeboro for over 3 years. In that time God has grown us closer to Him and closer together. He's also used us to carry out a lot of ministry in His name. Between our large gatherings at 43 Mill Street, the intimate gatherings that are Homegroups and everything in between, we are doing a lot. In all of the business it's easy to forget why we do what we do. It's easy to lose the vision God's given us as a church. That's why we need a reboot. 

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