There seems to be two kinds of leaders. Those who are too comfortable with leadership and those who are two uncomfortable. As the church, we have the responsibility of leading the way in finding the happy medium between these two extremes. There should always be a healthy fear in the heart of every leader that he or she would become domineering or autocratic. But there should also be a healthy fear of abdicating responsibility and allowing those who have not been called or commissioned to leadership to lead. It’s into this tension that the words of Hebrews 13 ring loud and clear. “Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they are keeping watch over your souls.” As we continue our consideration of expectations within the church we turn our attention to the expectation that God’s Word gives for how the flock should follow their shepherds.




Expectations  Part 1: Elders




Creed Of The Kingdom


A Call To Surrender

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