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At every turn the Gospel that Christianity is built upon is being attacked. These attacks, whether from pseudo science, postmodernism, or some form of identity politics seek to shame Christians into silence. Silencing the message of the Gospel is one of the Enemies most effective strategies. The apostle Paul knew the social pressure we feel to be ashamed of the Good News. He understood that the message of the Gospel was shameful to the world. Yet he was unashamed. As we consider the crux of the entire book of Romans, let’s consider how we, too, can be unashamed of the gospel in the midst of a culture seeking to shame us into silence.



I. The Shame of the Gospel in Paul’s Day
II. The Power of the Gospel in Providing the Way
III. The Righteousness of the Gospel is God’s Play


questions to consider:

1. What aspects of the Gospel are you ashamed of? Why? How can you overcome your shame?
2. Do you try to prove the gospel is true by intellectual argument? What is the proof of the gospel according to 1 Cor. 2:2?
3. How are we made more righteous? Who does this work? How do you receive it?