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Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. At least it should be. It’s the perfect combination of celebrating Messiah's birth, gathering with brothers and sisters, friends and family, enjoying unusual goodies, and giving and receiving extraordinary gifts. But so often all of what should be so amazing becomes a real bummer. The blessings of Christmas become the burdens of Christmas. This same possibility exists in the Christian life as a whole. Every believer has been saved by Jesus from sin and death and brought into grace and life. But too many saints seem to forget what they have. Like the “real meaning of Christmas,” we forget the “real nature of grace life.” Grace life has replaced sin and death. It’s abundant life, It’s overcoming life, and it’s everlasting life. Let’s make sure we are living it now and looking forward to it forever.



I. Original Sin: Sin and Death Through Adam (vss. 12-14)

II. Original Salvation: Grace and Life Through Jesus (vss. 15-21)


Questions to consider:

1. When you look at the way sin rules the world does your life exemplify the opposite of that? Is it both opposite and in more abundance?

2. Do you find adventure and/or purpose in each and every day no matter what you're doing?

3. What needs to change in order for you to live with the perspective that you are going to live forever?