The 43 Mill Street Project Continues...

This Friday, August 8th, the work on preparing our sanctuary resumes...

To this point renovations have included:

1.  Cutting and dragging out 60 tons of concrete that were poured on top of the wood floor.  In some places the slab was 7-8 inches thick.  The concrete was also poured into the base of the walls between the studs which made complete removal very difficult.

2. Removal of two layers of 1 inch thick boards.

3. Removal of approximately 50 3"x10" joists.

Next steps include:

1. Removal of the last two pieces of old floor beams that need to go (6"x10"x38feet long)

2. Clean up of the ground inside the building that has accumulated debris for 100+ years.

3. Laying down a vapor barrier and some crushed stone

4. forming and pouring concrete for 18+ post footings that will support the new beams and joists for our new floor!

All along this project has been a testimony to God providing where He is guiding.  It has not always gone how we expected or would have like, but there has never ceased to be progress(except when we failed to understand what God was doing). 

Pray that Friday and the weeks ahead are full of progress.  Pray for financial provision and pray about giving financially to the completion of our place of worship:


We're not far now!

Also, if you'd like to work on any part of the project that lies ahead please email us by clicking below: