HIStory - Are you a part of God's Story?


Last night, as we continue to enjoy the incredible setting for our worship service - outside in a tent on the water at 43 Mill Street Wolfeboro - we also began our summer teaching series: HIStory.  There are several different ways to approach the Bible.  Some people treat the Bible as simply an ancient history book.  Others appreciate it's poetic elements.  Still others value the ethical system that the Bible establishes.  But although all of these approaches are valid and the Bible is all of these things, it's also much more.  This summer we are going to look at the Bible as a grand story whose author is the creator of the universe.

Our introduction to the series last night explored what makes the Bible unique from all other books ever written.  There is hard evidence that what we have in Scripture is of supernatural origin.  In other words, it's not just a human book.  Why does that matter?  Because if God has given us a story, and the evidence is there that he has, then we should figure out what the plot of the story is.  Once we do we discover that although much of the story has already been written for us in Scripture much of it hasn't happened yet, we're left with one haunting question: Am I a part of the story that God has written or am I just watching it unfold from the sideline?